Version Number Developer Date Time Notes
2000..561 MRM 04/02/2008 17:36:37 Changed Type Descriptions so that you could edit names for SSL Types othet than just Types A thru Z
2000..560 MRM 10/04/2007 11:31:21 Changed BE Shapes to not allow Out Shapes in create so that records would not be orphaned. Assigned to Shape 1 in Recalc.
2000..559 MRM 07/26/2007 12:20:15 Added Measure Thru Flag to Typical Estimate List - *Back out Pipe Footage calculated from Lineal Foot Factors and Fitting Cts
2000..558 MRM 07/20/2007 11:50:02 Changed Create Estimate from Old Estimate to copy Linkage Record 'Exclude from Calc' Check Box Field.
2000..557 MRM 06/25/2007 15:55:16 Added VTO View button to smaller pipe and duct takeoff screens
2000..556 MRM 06/05/2007 16:54:42 Corrected problem in BOM not adding up Accessory based on SO correctly when totals were by Estimate
2000..555 MRM 05/23/2007 09:59:55 Corrected problem in Build Equipment with 'F'abricated Insulation Calculation Report not printing correct price.
2000..554 MRM 05/22/2007 13:18:15 Corrected problem in Build Equipment with 'F'abricated Insulation mtl price calculation not mutiplying by the shape qty.
2000..553 MRM 05/17/2007 16:21:12 Changed Drops/Riser Button in pipe to also get a Qty of 90s
2000..552 MRM 05/16/2007 18:06:40 Changed BOM to subtotal on SYSTEM-TYPE.
2000..551 MRM 05/02/2007 11:17:12 Added option to copy or not copy Sundry Quantities when creating new from old estimate.
2000..550 KJT 04/23/2007 17:50:18 Added support for KeyLok devices.
2000..549 MRM 03/29/2007 13:40:38 Moved Area/SubArea List Report from Estimate Reports Module.
2000..548 MRM 02/14/2007 13:43:10 Allowed for zero cost accessories Allowed System in Typical 1 to allow for Labor Modifiers in Typical System Moved Area/SubArea Productivity Viewer from Estimate Reports Module. Added a Print Report Option to it.
2000..546 MRM 01/26/2007 09:43:55 Added CSV option to Estimate List Report
2000..545 MRM 01/17/2007 11:18:20 Made the Active Record color the same in all takeoff screens and BE Spec screen. Red Active - Blue Not Active
2000..544 MRM 01/10/2007 17:14:35 Added System Code and Type to Bid Recap report in the Other Mtl Costs and Hours and Adds sections
2000..543 MRM 12/18/2006 11:42:26 Added edit to Recalculate to not allow an estimate to be calculated if it has a blank Prod Set.
2000..542 MRM 12/01/2006 14:51:29 Corrected Element Zoom in Assign Equipment to Intialize Virtual Element Field with Real.
2000..541 KJT 11/30/2006 09:48:00 Fixed Jacket SQ on Quanty Check Report.
2000..540 MRM 11/08/2006 16:05:35 Removed Temp Tables options from Menu and SSL screen. Corrected Est Element Zoom in Equipment.
2000..539 MRM 11/01/2006 14:50:48 Moved Est List report to Est Module. Added additional Sort options to the report.
2000..538 MRM 10/25/2006 15:37:48 Changed Duct Qty Check Reports to print larger numbers for SF area fields.
2000..537 MRM 10/18/2006 13:51:53 Corrected Fitting Printing problem in Pipe Hours Qty Report. Changed Lib Spec Screens to look more like Est Spec Screens. Changed Lib Acc Screen to show if Lib Acc exists. Changed Est System screen to not allow same PD code.
2000..536 MRM 08/23/2006 16:04:06 Changed SSL report to print duct thickness for each SSL record separately. Changed to print new Page header for pipe and duct.
2000..535 KJT 07/31/2006 13:53:37 Updated HASP Security.
2000..534 MRM 07/27/2006 17:19:21 MM - 533 07/27/2006 -Corrected Assign Equip Mtl Code Zoom Selection Screen to be in Query mode not Modify Mode
2000..533 MRM 07/20/2006 13:54:27 Corrected Copy Estimate to Typical so it creates all Thickness records
2000..532 MRM 07/19/2006 11:36:15 531 - Corrected Copy Estimate to Typical so it creates all SSL records
532 - Added ability to key F3 Delete in Typical Estimate List and it will delete the typical estimate
2000..530 MRM 06/30/2006 10:46:16 529 - Changed Bid Recap adds by Area/Sub to print correct detail fields on report. Changed Est Notes to have Seq No for printing. 530 - Corrected a print layout problem in Landscape Duct Summary by System Report that was causing thickness not to print.
2000..528 MRM 05/17/2006 17:26:49 Changed Typical Estimates so that they can have Hrs per Day with a decimal
2000..527 MRM 05/10/2006 17:04:30 Corrected Corrected BOM to print Duct Jacket prices in correct column and Print a 'W' for wrap instead of always a 'B' for Board and Wrap
2000..526 MRM 05/05/2006 16:35:51 Corrected Create Estimate to turn on Elements Flag if Typical used has Elements. Corrected BOM to print CC Material Codes
2000..525 MRM 05/02/2006 18:02:50 Added a Copy to Library Button to Estimate Assign Equipment screen.
2000..524 MRM 04/25/2006 12:52:08 Added a Print Button to Library Systems Program.
2000..523 MRM 04/17/2006 16:46:04 Corrected Pipe Spec Report to print all Specs not just specs used in Unit Prices.
2000..522 MRM 03/27/2006 16:06:29 Changed Wide Pipe Takoff screen so you can Zoom to Unit Adder pgm from Fittings - Changed Unit Adder Pgm to add up fittings.
2000..521 MRM 03/24/2006 16:16:08 Changed - Copy Build Equip from Lib - so it copies Tables BE Prod into Est Spec Specific BE Prod when copying from Lib to an Est.
2000..520 MRM 03/22/2006 16:39:29 Added check for Global File plus check Parms for V500 in case of Global File getting corrupted and needing to be recreated.
2000..519 MRM 03/17/2006 15:44:38 Fixed a Bid Recap calc problem with BEquip Acc Labor Hrs.
2000..518 MRM 03/15/2006 10:54:21 Added SSL Desc to Pipe Hrs and Qty report.
2000..517 MRM 03/08/2006 12:14:42 Added copy Est Notes to Create New From Old Est. Added Acc Only BOM option. Added Pipe Ins Length to BOM prompt
2000..516 KJT 03/07/2006 15:17:49 Moved Check Database, to startup program.
2000..515 MRM 03/03/2006 13:11:41 Added Pipe Hrs and Qty report. Added Check in Logo Screen to make sure a database is present.
2000..514 MRM 03/01/2006 17:24:57 Changed Build Equipment Calculations Report to only print for one. Changed Equipment Summary Report to print for all.
2000..513 MRM 02/14/2006 13:20:55 Added a new Parm Record to save Default Typical Estimate and programs to set it up and to use it in Create Estimate.
2000..512 MRM 01/24/2006 13:22:46 Changed Copy Systems to Est to copy correct color. Changed Zoom to Prod in Exception Screen to look up with Est Prod Set.
2000..511 KJT 01/19/2006 13:28:32 Changed "Copy System to Library" to not allow blank system to be copied. Changed "System Lib" to allow blank systems to be deleted.
2000..510 MRM 01/17/2006 17:31:43 Fixed Create Estimate From Old Estimate to copy new Pipe Spec Fields
2000..509 MRM 01/11/2006 17:51:35 Added Drop Down Menu Separators before and after Menu Drop Down Menu. Fixed Element Select Screen Fixed Spec Tool Tips
2000..508 MRM 01/06/2006 09:53:15 MM - 500 10/20/2005 - MAJOR UPDATE - Changed Spec Reports to include new fields added to the Pipe and Duct Specs.
MM - 501 11/08/2005 - Fixed VTO logical Name Bug
MM - 502 11/29/2005 - Fixed Duct Jacket Waste Calc in Sum by Sys and Spec Reports
MM - 503 12/12/2005 - Fixed Recalc and Setup of Shape Outs and Labor Adds in Shapes in Build Equip. Fixed Recap System Totals for Stats. Changed BOM to print Misc 1-6 names not numbers + changed material total line
MM - 504 12/16/2005 - Added a CSV File option to Bidrecap by Estimate Report. Changed how MIKE calls Excel so it will call Excel from Bid Recap.
MM - 505 12/21/2005 - Corrected Create from Typical so it doesn't lock up System. Add Qtys to Recap by Area & SA List reports. Corrected Copy from Old Estimate to copy System Colors. Corrected Copy Equip Detail.
MM - 506 12/22/2005 - Added Alt Characters to Quick and Assembly Copy in Pipe TakeOff so you can map them in VTO menu. Removed A/SA from Est Setup
MM - 507 01/04/2006 - Moved Copy Systems and Specs to Library into Estimating - Moved Create Typical From Estimate to Estimating
MM - 508 01/05/2006 - Added a Copy Accessory from Estimate to Library button in the Pipe and Duct Estimate Accessory Screen
2000..399 KJT 12/29/2005 10:34:41 Fixed duplicate shape numbers when creating new shape.
2000..398 MRM 11/02/2005 10:27:22 Fixed bug caused by version 394. Duplicate shape numbers were getting created causing system to hang.
2000..397 KJT 10/19/2005 15:27:00 Changed BOM to include SQ Accessories on Oversized Fittings.
2000..396 KJT 10/19/2005 11:34:09 Changed TakeOff 2000 user keys to work with upper or lower case.
2000..395 KJT 10/18/2005 16:59:06 Changed jacket waste. To use waste of Jacket 1, if spec is set to J1+J2.
2000..394 MRM 09/23/2005 13:53:09 Changed Build Equipment to allow a piece of equipment to not have any shapes attached to it.
2000..393 KJT 09/14/2005 16:19:54 Updated "Select Material" screen in Build Equip Spec screen.
2000..392 KJT 09/06/2005 12:07:53 Added "System" to the BOM export to Microsoft Excel.
2000..390 MRM 08/04/2005 17:36:40 Added Default Color and Default Element to Library Systems that will be copied into Estimate from Library or a Typical Estimate
2000..389 MRM 07/19/2005 17:11:32 Cleaned up some screen colors the XP changed. Changed zoom buttoms to arrows from <<
2000..388 KJT 06/28/2005 14:46:26 Change Build Equipment Library to allow Prod Set to be changed, if Prod Set is not valid.
2000..387 MRM 06/27/2005 19:25:11 Cleaned up Duct Qty Check Reports that use Detail Takeoff File
2000..386 MRM 06/27/2005 16:01:07 Added Type/Shape Totals and Averages to Summarized Duct Qty Check Report. Changed Est Type file to be in Library not Local
2000..385 KJT 06/13/2005 15:35:57 Fixed equipment report when equipment has multiple takeoff lines.
2000..384 KJT 06/08/2005 10:26:54 Fixed DSP feature in bid recap.
2000..383 KJT 05/31/2005 13:31:03 Fixed Equipment total lines in Equipment report.
2000..382 KJT 05/18/2005 14:17:56 Improved performance when client PC is attached to a network running active directory.
2000..381 KJT 05/18/2005 12:38:23 Added debug screen to query network user and computer name.
2000..380 MRM 05/16/2005 10:50:26 Added Notes Button to Estimate Setup, System, SSL and added a new Print Estimate Notes report to Other Reports Tab.
2000..379 MRM 05/11/2005 17:21:44 Added Tables Password Prompt to Exception Report Zoom Buttons if Password is needed to Enter Tables Module. Fixed DB JL Calc. Added Notes Buttons to detail take off screens and BE Screens.
2000..378 MRM 04/21/2005 11:18:01 Added Labor Hours Calculation Line to Accessoriy Report so it is easier to understand how hrs are calc from production.
2000..377 MRM 04/13/2005 11:53:54 Corrected the 800x600 duct takeoff screen to not land on Auto Zoom field when tabbing forward to next record.
2000..376 MRM 04/05/2005 17:10:18 Changed how Sundry Items are totaled in Pipe and Duct System Summary Reports
2000..375 MRM 03/28/2005 16:25:00 Moved Auto Zoom up a level in program to save it between pipe and duct. Fixed totaling problem in Equip Summary Reports
2000..374 MRM 03/24/2005 12:01:57 Added an Auto Zoom to VTO to Pipe and Duct Detail Lineal fields.
2000..373 MRM 03/23/2005 17:55:46 Added a Locate Name and Locate Location Buttons to Estimate List screen.
2000..372 MRM 03/23/2005 15:34:07 Added a Jump to Estimate Button on Estimate List screen. Added Save Group AB between TO Types. Add Save Tab Numbers.
2000..371 MRM 03/18/2005 16:08:35 Changed Summary Reports Temp Files to do Record Deletes and not do DBDEL. Change List Estimates to Not Selection Pgm.
2000..370 MRM 03/16/2005 17:34:53 Changed Pipe and Duct calc so when takeoff sizes are metric the ranging of detail records from SSL records works correctly. Changed Duct calc to add up System Total LF of duct.
2000..369 MRM 03/07/2005 15:41:04 Added a Pipe/Duct Unit Hours option to System Summary Reports and Spec Summary Reports.
2000..368 MRM 02/11/2005 14:17:57 Added New Type Edit and Create function to Pipe and Duct Takeoff screens. Added Create Type Desc Default to SSL. Fixed Undo button in Build Eqip Spec Screen. Fixed % Fittings Report.
2000..367 MRM 01/26/2005 14:25:16 Fixed Duct Summarized Detail Report to work in Multi User.
2000..366 KJT 12/28/2004 13:41:24 Changed Typical Estimate to use Typical Elements.
2000..365 MRM 11/17/2004 16:39:32 Changed A/S/Sys Recap List Report to be landscape. Fixed Element Field in System Code Library to Select and Validate on new Library Element Table.
2000..364 MRM 11/01/2004 14:05:56 Changed Bid Recap reports to print larger amounts, Changed detail reports to print Group AB fields with small font. Fixed Build Equip Spec so it doesn't re-update Jacket Price field.
2000..363 MRM 10/21/2004 12:13:40 Added Addtional Fields to Material Selection program in Specs. Now also shows Prod Set, Vendor, Prod Code
2000..362 MRM 10/14/2004 11:29:21 Added new Report Tab 7 Other and Moved SSL Report from Estimate Reports.
2000..361 MRM 09/27/2004 12:43:23 Changed Summary Reports to work better in multi user and not abort because of file locks. Fixed Build Eq Shape Hours display.
2000..360 KJT 09/15/2004 12:15:21 Moved HS_Control_Codes to program folder. To improve multi-user configuration.
2000..359 MRM 06/11/2004 17:28:38 Corrected 'Duct Detail with no SSL' Error Report to Display and Print corrst line number.
2000..358 MRM 06/10/2004 13:37:00 Corrected Bid Recap Non % Other Mtl and Hrs for Pipe and Duct that were not distributing correctly.
2000..357 MRM 05/27/2004 15:06:12 Corrected Bid Recap Other Mtl and Hrs. If Equip had the same code as a PD Sys the Equip Other was added to PD Sys Totals.
2000..356 MRM 05/26/2004 15:09:01 Added a Check for Detail SSL Errors routine to the ReCalculation Process.
2000..355 MRM 05/25/2004 17:55:22 Changed System Recap List Report to print landscape and added Total Labor and Total Material Columns
2000..354 KJT 05/24/2004 16:06:57 Fixed waste calculation in BOM for Build Equipment. Added thinkness validate to Pipe Takeoff.
2000..353 KJT 05/20/2004 16:06:14 Change HS_Control_Code access to read only.
2000..352 MRM 04/15/2004 16:33:07 Changed wide screens so they will work in 1400 pixel wide screens with large fonts.
2000..351 MRM 04/14/2004 16:47:32 Changed Library Spec programs to not allow changes to Arc/Enc and Prod Codes. Changed Copy to ask for a new Arc/Eng and/or Prod Set. This way attached Accesories will not get lost.
2000..350 MRM 04/02/2004 10:46:00 Changed Execption Report Prod Buttons to show more lines. Changed Color 56 BG to gray. Fixed 800x600 Est List display after create. Changed Select Spec from Library to range on set.
2000..349 KJT 03/24/2004 14:20:16 Added "Please Wait" screen to create new estimate.
2000..348 MRM 03/15/2004 12:05:54 Added % Fittings without Count Codes to Recap Statistics. Add % Fit to System Recap. Corrected Lib conversion for SSL record. Corrected Accessory Library price update problem.
2000..347 MRM 02/26/2004 11:46:58 Corrected Duct Spec Library screen so file locking would work in a multi user environment.
2000..346 MRM 02/05/2004 16:12:41 Correct Duct Screen to use correct 'This Terminal' or 'All Terminal' Switch field.
2000..345 KJT 02/04/2004 11:38:41 Fixed selected estimate error in Build Equipment Report.
2000..344 KJT 01/07/2004 15:30:31 Fixed erroneous error message in create new estimate.
2000..343 KJT 01/06/2004 11:16:11 Fixed Accessory Hours on Flanged Pairs in Summary Report by Spec.
2000..342 MRM 12/29/2003 14:26:57 Cleaned up Ind Pipe Detail Reports and added System Totals to Pipe Detail Report by Group A/B
2000..341 MRM 10/24/2003 10:12:35 Moved Typical Estimate Data out of the Estimate Tables into Typical Estimate Tables, Moved Sundry Library out of Est Data. Changed Locking to read only on Spec List in Spec Summary Report
2000..340 KJT 10/23/2003 11:05:44 Fixed table locking on QP_Equip_Spec table. This was causing "unable to open table" error in Equipment Shape screen.
2000..339 MRM 10/08/2003 16:53:34 Corrected Copy Detail so that is copies Build Equip Shape Quanties. Check OS version for security
2000..338 MRM 10/08/2003 13:36:34 Changed Drop Down Menu Programs for Systems and SSL to view all System Types. This allows for deleting non P or D records
2000..337 KJT 08/19/2003 16:14:38 Add Citrix managment tools. To be activated in later versions.
2000..336 MRM 08/18/2003 17:40:35 Correct how Group AB Titles are created in Create New Est from Old, Changed Default AB numbers to start at 1 not 100
2000..335 MRM 08/04/2003 15:50:19 MM - 335 08/04/2003 - Changed Locking in Build Equipment for better multi-user access. Changed Build Equip to use new Get Acc from Lib prog
2000..334 KJT 07/15/2003 15:14:17 Added Terminal ID range to TakeOff screens.
2000..333 MRM 06/12/2003 11:36:33 Changed Select Accessories and Select Systems from memory files to regular files in the Local Database.
2000..332 MRM 06/12/2003 11:01:39 Changed Link Write to Link Create to force the copy of non unique Accessories to memory file.
2000..331 MRM 06/12/2003 09:48:20 Locked Write of LA to LAM so system will wait until all the Accessories are copied to Mem FIle before giving user access to file.
2000..330 MRM 06/10/2003 14:27:29 Corrected Multi User problems when copying Accessories when copying a Spec from the library. Changed Copy Spec Screen to an ADD button from a check box. Changed copy System and Accessories to an Est Spec to be a memory table.
2000..329 MRM 05/29/2003 16:40:38 Added Error Message to Recalculate if there are duplicate SSL records in an estimate. Corrected Material Select for Build Equip Spec.
2000..328 KJT 05/05/2003 15:42:37 Fixed "Record Restart" error in bid recap.
2000..327 MRM 04/29/2003 13:45:25 Corrected 'Next Field Function' calls in Duct Takeoff to work like Pipe. Changed System Color Font Size for Win98/ME
2000..326 KJT 04/04/2003 14:11:04 Add system color defaults for VTO. VTO version 2003.2.0 or higher is required to use new feature.
2000..325 MRM 02/27/2003 08:45:33 Added a VTO View Button to Take-off Screens. Added System/Element Linkage to Typical Estimates and System Library
2000..324 MRM 02/13/2003 18:00:18 Added a save of Titles of Group A and B to Parms file. Added update of Titles from Saved Parms in Create Estimate.
2000..323 KJT 02/10/2003 17:35:21 Changed Locking on BOM Pipe to eliminate Record Update Warnings and Beeps.
2000..322 KJT 02/03/2003 10:11:18 Changed locking on AC_Accessory table on assigned equipment.
2000..321 MRM 01/29/2003 16:56:49 Changed Locking on BOM Pipe back to Immediate On Local Tempory BOM file to eliminate Record Update Warnings and Beeps.
2000..320 KJT 01/27/2003 12:11:48 Update all programs to work in multi-user mode.
2000..319 MRM 01/23/2003 16:13:42 Changed How Est ReCap Report is called so it forces the Est Recap record to be written before printing
2000..318 MRM 01/22/2003 16:53:17 Changed Assigned Equipment to NOT use Metric Thickness if Est. is set up for Metric Sizes. Assigned Equip only uses Imperial Thick.
2000..317 KJT 01/15/2003 15:58:58 Changed Locking on Recalc for multi user.
2000..316 KJT 01/15/2003 14:16:37 Changed Locking on Recalc and Spec Screen for multi user.
2000..315 MRM 01/10/2003 10:59:14 Changed Way Estimate Recalc Flag is updated for multi user conditions.
2000..314 MRM 01/07/2003 11:45:20 Changed Some Locking on Estimate Recap program to eliminate Record Restart Error.
2000..313 MRM 01/03/2003 11:23:37 Changed Locking on Estimate List program to eliminate Record Restart Error.
2000..312 MRM 12/20/2002 12:10:06 Added Zoom to Group A/B in Quick Copy.
Correct Accessory Print Problem with Summary by System- Port. Changed Locking for Multi User when Creating a new estimate.
2000..311 KJT 12/18/2002 12:09:19 Added Multi-User support to Bid Recap.
2000..310 KJT 11/19/2002 12:08:19 Fixed Summary Report. Average Prod was not printing for bands.
2000..309 KJT 11/15/2002 12:07:25 Added default VTO lineal takeoff mode.