Version Number Developer Date Time Notes
2000..506 KJT 04/23/2007 17:51:08 Added support for KeyLok devices.
2000..505 MRM 12/18/2006 11:42:48 New Estimate Utility to Recreate Estimate Master Table
2000..504 MRM 03/24/2006 16:16:31 Cleaned up Delete List and Range of Estimate Screens.
2000..503 MRM 01/11/2006 17:52:05 Added Drop Down Menu Separators before and after Menu Drop Down Menu.
2000..502 MRM 01/06/2006 09:57:46 MM - 500 10/20/2005 - MAJOR UPDATE - Changed Copy Pipe and Duct Specs to include new fields.
MM - 501 01/04/2006 - Moved Copy "Estimate Systems and Specs to Library" and "Copy Estimate to Typical" over to Estimating Module
MM - 502 01/04/2006 - Removed all Library Utilities they are now in Estimating Module
2000..223 KJT 09/14/2005 15:47:57 Corrected Copy Estimate to Typical. Was only coping one line from the Thinkness table.
2000..222 MRM 08/04/2005 17:37:01 Added Delete System Colors when Deleting an Estimate.
2000..221 MRM 08/01/2005 17:14:04 Corrected Copy Estimate to Typical to copy to new Typical Files. Corrected Delete Typical to delete from new Typical Files
2000..220 MRM 02/11/2005 15:32:23 Changed Pipe Next Outer Layer and Vic Oversize to use Actual OD not Pipe Size to select Pipe Size for Oversize. Unchecked Calc Coupling Switch in Oversize Specs after creating new detail lines.
2000..219 MRM 02/09/2005 11:18:02 Added Multiply Pipe and Duct Detail Lengths programs.
2000..218 MRM 04/30/2004 15:33:43 Corrected Estimate Copy by Group A / Group B to use and update correct last line numbers.
2000..217 MRM 04/15/2004 16:33:31 Changed Copy System to Copy Assign Equipment Accessories
2000..216 MRM 10/09/2003 11:47:05 Created Browse Programs for Estimate Files, System, SS Linkage and SS Linkage Thickness
2000..215 MRM 09/08/2003 15:57:54 Created a new utility to delete pipe and duct detail records by record number.
2000..214 MRM 04/18/2002 12:16:32 Added as additional Pipe Length field to the Oversive Victautic Fittings Utility.
2000..213 MRM 04/09/2002 12:15:30 Created a new Utility to create detail records to oversize victaulic fittings to use pipe covering.
2000..212 MRM 03/25/2002 12:14:53 Corrected Copy Est Detail by Group A/B to Copy new fittings.
2000..211 MRM 11/26/2001 12:13:38 Corrected Copy Est Spec to Library so it copied correct 45-BV finish.