UPDATE LIBRARY

MIKE 2000+™ Pricing and Program Updates

USERPROC3.DLL   If you get an error after doing an update saying that the system couldn't find this file, please download this file and put it in the folder where the Magic Deployment runtime is installed. 


Examples of Magic Deployment folders:





MIKE 2000  Program Updates


Vendor Pricing Import Files


MIKE 2000 Tables and Library File Names


These Database backup "Batch Files" may need to be configured to back up your MIKE data to the correct external drive letter on your computer.  If you need assistance with this, please contact Tech Support.

MIKE 2000 Backup Entire System Batch File

MIKE 2000 Backup Just the Database Batch File


The Following Utility should only be run with assistance by Comput-Ability support staff.  It is very important that a full backup of your data is performed prior to running this utility.

If this utility is run twice it could delete all your data.

Fix Utility for MIKE 2000+ Database Files


MAGIC 8.3 Full Install

MIKE 2000 Full Install


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